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Biologique Skin Care Products

Biologique Skin Care Products

Revitalize Your Skin With Biologique

At the office of Sharon Giese MD, we offer a full line of Biologique Recherche skin care products that can revive your skin to its softest, clearest and healthiest complexion. Unique to many other skin care products, Biologique practices a two stage plan, the initialization stage and the treatment stage, with each product serving an essential purpose during treatment. During the initialization stage, the skin is prepared for restoration. Thoroughly cleansing the epidermis, products used during the initialization stage, such as cleansing milks, balancing exfoliators and purifying masks, reduce impurities and dead skin cells. In the second stage, the treatment stage, serums and creams are utilized to even skin tone, smoothen skin, and enhance hydration. Formulated with high concentrations of botanical, biological and marine extractions, these products are designed to improve the radiance of your skin.  Experience a difference in skin care with Biologique Recherche, products designed to cleanse, nourish and exfoliate.*

Biologique Initialization Stage

Step 1: Cleansing Milks

Used during the initialization stage, Biologique Recherche offers cleansing milks that can remove all traces of dirt and oil found in your pores. Applied from the cleavage area and neck to the top of the face, these products are used twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Cleansing milks leave your face feeling softer, cleaner, and refreshed.*

Product Skin Type Result
Lait E.V. Dry skin Cleans and moisturizes skin for a substantially softer, more hydrated skin texture*
Lait U Normal skin, combination skin or seborrheic skin Removes impurities from the pores, including dirt, residue, pollutants and make-up*
Lait VIP O2 Darker skin, skin exposed to dry, harsh or polluted climates Removes impurities, such as pollutants, from the skin, brightens the complexion and revitalizes the epidermis*
Solution Demaquillante pour les Yeux Designed for use around delicate areas of the eye Removes make-up, including waterproof make-up, from sensitive areas*

* Patients individual results may vary.

Step 2: P50 Balancing Exfoliators

Also used during the initialization stage, Biologique Recherche’s exfoliators are described as a “facial in a bottle,” able to exfoliate, tone and hydrate the skin. The exfoliator works by stimulating the natural exfoliating process to reconstruct the epidermis’ shield, which helps to protect the skin. These vitamin infused, fruitful skin care products renew your skin.*

Product Skin Type Result
Lotion P50 Seborrheic or hyperkeratinized skin Exfoliates the skin & balances the epidermis*
Lotion P50 V Dry skin Exfoliates the skin & balances the epidermis
Lotion P50 W Sensitive skin Exfoliates the skin & balances the epidermis, formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients*
Lotion Alpha Kérato-Régulatrice Dry or dull skin Smoothens the epidermis and stimulates the exfoliating process*
Lotion MC 110 N°1 Normal skin Smoothens lines and wrinkles while exfoliating, brightening and toning the epidermis*
Lotion MC 110 N°2 Thick, dull skin Smoothens lines and wrinkles while exfoliating, brightening and toning the epidermis*
L'Eauxygénante All skin types Brightens complexion and prolongs make-up hold*

* Patients individual results may vary.

Step 3: Purifying & Stabilizing Masks By Biologique Recherche

In the last phase of the Biologique Recherche initialization stage, masks containing high concentrations of essential fatty acids, minerals, algae, fruits, clays, yeast, witch hazel and/or terrestrial ingredients are utilized. These masks rebuild the skin’s proteo-lipidic film in preparation for the treatment stage.*

Product Skin Type Result
Biomagic Mask Dry or uneven toned skin Glowing, purified and soft skin*
Cold Mask Seborrheic skin Radiant and fresh complexion*
E-Vital Eyes All skin types Soothes and hydrates the eye area*
Lift C.V.S. Dry or seborrheic skin Exfoliates the skin for a reshaped and smoother face*
Masque aux Acides de Fruits Thick, keratinized and aged skin Renews the skin’s appearance*
Masque Biologique Féérie All skin tones Intense treatment to hydrate top layers of the epidermis, toning skin*
Masque Biosensible Dry or sensitive skin Smoothens, softens and brightens skin*
Masque au Collagène Caviar Dry, sensitive or seborrheic skin Hydrates and soothes*
Masque Crème Biofixine Dry, aged skin Smoothens wrinkles, evens skin tone*
Masque VIP O2 Dull, stressed or aged skin Softens skin for a youthful glow*
Masque Visolastine Dry skin Moisturizes and freshens complexion*
Masque Visolastine E. All skin types Hydrates and renews*
Masque Vivant Seborrheic or dull skin Brightens and evenly tones complexion*
Soin Biovecteur Marin Dry, wrinkled or tired skin Resculpts the face*
Masque Exfoliant P50 Visage Dull or uneven skin tones Smoothens and balances skin tones*
Soin Restructurant et Lissant Dry skin Smoothens and softens fine lines and wrinkles*

* Patients individual results may vary.

Biologique Treatment Stage

Step 1: Quintessential Serums

During the Biologique Recherche treatment stage, the first step is the use of quintessential serums. These products are designed with amino acids or short peptides with a minimally amount of preservatives. They are formulated to treat dehydrated, devitalized, wrinkled or seborrheic skin. Each serum serves a different purpose and can be used alone or in combination with other serums.*

Product Skin Type Result
Sérum Amniotique E. Stressed, dry and/or sensitive skin Unifies skin tone*
Sérum Collagène Marin All skin types, best at treating neck and cleavage wrinkles Firms skin, tightens pores*
Sérum Collagène Natif Dry, unevenly toned skin or thick skin with widened pores Unifies skin tone, tightens pores*
Sérum Colostrum Dry, devitalized or slack skin Hydrates skin*
Sérum Elastine Marine All skin types Smoothens epidermis, reducing fine lines, wrinkles*
Sérum Elastine Pure All skin types Smoothens epidermis, reducing fine lines, wrinkles*
Sérum Extraits Tissulaires All skin types Hydrates skin and renews glow*
Sérum Oligo-Protéines Marines Dull skin, ideal for smokers’ skin Unifies skin tones damaged by smoking*
Sérum Placenta Imperfect or seborrheic skin Reduces skin imperfections, lightens skin tone around eyes and restores skin’s elasticity*
Sérum Splénodermine Dull skin Firms, tones skin*
Sérum VG Tensil Dull, devitalized or thick skin Firms, tones skin*
Complexe Iribiol Imperfect or seborrheic skin Purifies the skin*

* Patients individual results may vary.

Step 2: Creams

Biologique Recherche creams are used on the face, neck and cleavage, helping develop a smooth, moisturized, evenly textured and toned skin. The creams are specifically designed for daytime or nighttime use.*

Essential Creams

Product Skin Type Result
Crème au Collagène Marin Combination skin Tones skin*
Crème Elastine Marine Normal or dehydrated skin Prevents wrinkles, moisturizes epidermis*
Crème Hydravit'S Dry skin Moisturizes skin*
Crème Placenta Combination or seborrheic skin Purifies epidermis*
Crème VG Derm Very dry skin Moisturizes the skin’s hydrolipidic film*

* Patients individual results may vary.

Intensive Creams

Product Skin Type Result
Crème aux Acides de Fruits Dull or stressed skin Revitalizes and disinfects skin*
Crème ADN Elastine Marine Collagène Marin Aging, dry skin Tones and rebuilds skin*
Crème Amnios Normal or seborrheic skin Tightens pores*
Crème Biofixine All skin types Smoothens, reduces fine lines*
Crème Grand Millésime Devitalized skin Revitalizes epidermis*
Crème Métamorphique Unevenly toned or devitalized skin Tones and rebuilds epidermis*
Crème MSR-H Mature skin affected by aging,  menopause Firms skin, redefines face’s shape*
Crème Splendide Aging, unevenly toned skin Intensively firms and tones epidermis*
Crème VIP O2 Tired, worn skin Brightens complexion, builds protection for epidermis*
Émulsion Originelle Régénérante Dehydrated skin Restores epidermis, prevents dehydration*
Émulsion Végétale Grand Millésime Young, dull skin Detoxifies and brightens complexion*
Gel ADN Silkgen All skin types Tones, moisturizes and softens skin*

* Patients individual results may vary.

Specific Creams

Product Skin Type Result
Crème UVA All skin types Hydrates skin*
Biokiss All skin types, used on lips Nourishes, repairs lips*
Crème Contour des Yeux All skin types, used in eye area Improves elasticity and hydrates skin around the eye*
Crème Contour des Yeux VIP O2 All skin types, used in eye area Smoothens wrinkles & retones eye area, reduces bags beneath the eye*
Crème Dermopurifiante Imbalanced skin Brightens skin*
Crème Echinoderm au Complexe Biomarin All skin types Soothes the complexion*
Crème PIGM 400 All skin types Unifies and brightens skin’s complexion*
Crème Verte Espoir Reactive skin Unifies skin tone*
Émulsion Gel Biosensible Dehydrated, stressed or sensitive skin Protects skin, unifies skin tone*

* Patients individual results may vary.

Step 3: Finishing Serums

To finalize your Biologique Recherche treatment stage, finishing serums are recommended. Biologique serums lock in the radiance from earlier stages for lasting effects. These serums can be applied beneath make-up and can be used on a daily basis.*

Product Skin Type Result
Fluide VIP O2 All skin types Reduces signs of fatigue, brightens and smoothens skin*
Rénovateur 14 & Complexe Royal Devitalized skin Visibly smoother and brighter skin*
Sérum Grand Millésime All skin types Relaxed and glowing complexion*
Sérum Yall~O2 Dehydrated skin Softer skin*
Silk Plus All skin types Unifies skin tone, leaves skin silky soft*

* Patients individual results may vary.

Dr. Giese and her staff are happy to help design a Biologique Recherche skin care regime perfect for your needs. Any Biologique skin, hair or body products not available in office can be ordered upon request. If you’re interested in the products above, or any other Biologique Recherche products please call our office at 212.421.3400 or request an appointment online. Dr. Giese and her staff look forward to helping you regain a smoother, healthier and brighter skin complexion!


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*Patients individual results may vary.

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Internationally recognized by her colleagues as one of the most innovative plastic surgeons in New York City, Dr. Giese has developed a number of procedures that separate her from the competition, including Natural Lift, an alternative to a facelift, and other non surgical facelift procedures. The Natural Lift is a minimally invasive facelift procedure that tightens sagging skin and jowls and defines the jawline.* She has also been recognized on television and print media for her work with VASER shape technology, an advanced skin tightening procedure which reduces cellulite. Additionally, Sharon Giese MD specializes in dermal fillers, breast procedures and large volume liposuction, all of which may be performed on-site at her in-office, AAAASF Accredited, surgical suite.

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